Congratulations to the Winners of the Best Brochure Awards 2021!

Congratulations to the Winners of the Visitor International Best Brochure Awards 2021!

Visitor Brochures are powerful as a marketing tool. They are proven to be hugely influential in informing and guiding visitors during their stay at their destination.

However, some brochures are more effective than others, and much of this is down to design. A good brochure on a display rack should instantly attract attention and arouse the visitor’s interest. Then, based on the brochure’s content, it should prompt and facilitate action – visit, buy, phone or go online to get additional information.

To encourage great brochure design, Visitor International – The International Association of Visitor Information Providers, stage an annual ‘Best Brochure Awards’ competition.

This year, we have three winners:

  • The “Best Brochure” for tourism was awarded to the Domaine des Grottes de Han;
  • The “Best Cultural Brochure” Walloon was awarded to the Cité Miroir for for his exhibition “World Press Photo”;
  • The “Best cultural Brochure” Brussels was awarded to Tempora for his exhibition “Hyper-Realism Sculpture”.

The 2021 winners were selected from over 20,000 brochures, representing the collective client base of the Association’s membership in North America, Europe, the UK and South Africa. The selection criteria included the visual appeal of the brochure, its effectiveness in communicating to visitors, the brochure’s content, and the quality of the print materials used.

You can see the winners here Visitor International